Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 16 day 4 Bodyrock

Glad you came workout from  2/27
1. High Knee Skips 61, 60
2. Squat, Lunge back, lunge side (with med ball 10lb) 8, 10
3. HNS 59, 54 (kept tripping on rope!)
4.Monkey push-up & jump 10, 11
5. HNS 50, 59
6. In plank jump side, center, side, push-up used towel but was so freakin hard forgot pushup in between. LOl. 14, 15

I know posting here helps me stay accountable with workouts but I write my food down on a magnetic pad each day- not sure posting it here is valuable to anyone. If you read this and would like me to post my food let me know.

My height: 5"4 1/2   Weight 121.5

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