Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 17 day 1 bodyrock

New plan- it just isn't easy for me to do 5 workouts a week. I keep having that as a goal and then feeling disappointed. So 4 workouts a week is more manageable. if I get an extra one great if not great.

Also too tough to be on schedule with bodyrock and have to wait for new exercise to post, so I am doing other work outs from archives to give some padding between when the new workouts are posted and when I do them.

Did the Sexy sweat on me work out
1) 1 arm sandbag swing (used 14lb kb) 16, 15, 16

2) Squat and Press Leg Lifts – using the pink Sandbag 7,9,8 (did full squat with 10 pound weight at stomach but didn't drop it to floor)

3) Plank Press Up Drunk Chicken 5,6,5

4) Backward Lunge With Kick – 10lb weight 4,6,6 

5) Alternating Abs 14,14,14

6) Swinging Legs 34,33,34 (you kicked me ass with these!)

7) Ugi Twist – using the Ugi Ball (med ball) 11,12,12

Side to Side Abs – using the Ugi Ball (med ball) 26,35,30

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